Is your heart or home in a general state of unhappiness, a.k.a. depressed?


I believe the heart and home have an intimate connection.  If one is sad and gloomy, the other will be too.  Just like the heart is essential to help keep us alive, our homes are essential to help us do life.


Your home should be comfortable, a reflection of you, a place you love.  It should be where you hold family gatherings and welcome guests.  It should be your happy place.


But just like our homes may need a little tender, loving care, our hearts may need some Interior Design too!


At Depressed Designer, you’ll find resources to take your home and your heart from depressed to well-designed.










in not dressing to impress

Our homes are not catalogs or museums.  Real people live here.  Real life happens here.  So we don’t fill them with soulless décor just to evoke praise from others.  We’d rather our homes be cozy and inviting rather than follow the latest trend.


there is beauty in imperfection

Just like no person is perfect, no home is perfect either.  We embrace the ugly, broken, unfinished, and disordered nature of our homes.  We seek to re-imagine the broken bits and discover beauty in the flawed parts of our homes.


in heart transformation just as much as home transformation

Just like our homes may need a fresh coat of paint or new carpet, we believe our hearts need a new Interior Design as well.  So we work to heal the broken places in our hearts as we renovate the damaged areas in our homes.


home is our happy place

We are homebodies.  We’d rather be at home than (almost) anywhere in the world.  Our homes are where we celebrate birthdays with family, host game nights with friends, and relax with a bottle of wine while watching Netflix in our yoga pants.  It’s important that are homes are a reflection of who we are – both beautiful and comfortable.


our homes should be others-centered

Our homes shouldn’t just be about us.  They should communicate love to our family, seek to serve our guests, and continually inspire beauty in ourselves and the world around us.