I’m Jenny Gericke, a writer, designer, God-follower, and new wife.  I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband and our two cats – WilyKit and Tigger.

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety since my early 20s.  I learned quickly that my mental illness impacted every area of my life – work, faith, and relationships.  I also found that very few people understood what I was going through.  Since then, I’ve committed to being real, open and vulnerable about my struggle with life, faith, mental illness, and purpose.  I hope that my stories can encourage other women going through similar experiences.

I’m also an Interior Designer by trade and have worked with clients all over the United States, Europe and Asia – including commercial design for Starbucks, Belk, Toys-R-Us and many similar retailers.  For the past few years, I’ve been working in residential and small commercial design.  I’m also currently fixing up my husband’s childhood home, which we now live in.

My joy is inspiring others to live in the imperfection of life.  Some of the happiest moments in my life were messy, ugly, and complicated. But I believe that broken things can be made beautiful again – both at home and in life!

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