• Living Room Before and After
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    Guide My Design: Living Room Reveal

    It feels like Guide My Design just started and now it’s over.  I have so missed sharing my selections and getting everyone’s feedback as we have designed my space together! That being said, though, I am SO happy to be “done” (at least for now) with my Living Room Design.  I’m the type of person who needs everything in place and put away.  Having ladders, paint cans, disassembled furniture, art projects, and boxes of clutter everywhere in my house just stresses me out!  So it’s nice to have everything put away even if it’s not perfect. I still have a few tweaks to make to the room and a couple…

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    3 Things You Need to Realize About Transformation

    When Spring and Summer finally arrive after a long, harsh winter, I am all about being outdoors.  There’s just something about being out in the sunshine and nature that soothes my soul.   Since early Spring I’ve been planting flowers.  No, that makes it sound too easy.  I’ve been raking dead leaves, pulling out weeds, shoveling dirt and breaking my back so that I can plant beautiful flowers in my yard.  You see, transformation takes work, pain, and loss.  You have to dig out the weeds and make space for new life.  Its the same in our hearts as it is in a garden – when we allow for suffering and…

  • DIY Reupholster Dining Room Chair
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    How to Reupholster a Dining Room Chair

    Let’s be honest – upholstery scares me.  I mean, I love the idea of finding a quality piece and updating it with some new fabric.  (We in the design biz call this “vintage upholstery”!)  With so many cheap, cardboard furniture pieces being manufactured and sold online today, it’s difficult to know for sure if what looks good on a website will really last through the years for your family.  That’s why I love to find a quality made piece at a thrift store or even purchase it off a neighbor.  You can tell right away that a piece is quality when its made from real wood, has dovetail joints, or…

  • DIY Abstract Art Tutorial | Easy, Inexpensive you can make yourself
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    DIY Abstract Art: Easy, Inexpensive Art Anyone Can Make!

    Art can be an overwhelming and expensive choice to make when designing your home.  Its difficult to find something you like and that will also work well in your space.  And inevitably when you do find something you like, it probably costs an arm and a leg!  But art is one of the most underutilized ways to add personality, life, and color to your home.  Most people don’t know what to do when selecting art so they never try and their walls sadly go bare for many years.  Today, I’m going to show you how you can make an easy, personal, and inexpensive DIY abstract art piece that will bring…

  • 10 Ways to Help you Manage Your Depression | Managing Depression and Anxiety

    10 Things to Help you Manage your Depression

    When you’re having a bad day with depression or stuck in a bout of despair and do-nothingism, it’s difficult to have the mental clarity or energy to help yourself.  I was recently reminded of this yesterday when I let one unexpected event take me from tears to despondency.  In those moments of complete sadness, when you’re feeling defeated – that is not the time to fight your depression.  That is not a time you really want to fight your depression.  At least for me, I tend to wallow in my misery and let my mood spiral down into a sense of hopelessness.  I’ve realized that because this is the way…

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    Before and After: Modern DIY Buffet Makeover

    Your home should be the happiest place on earth – second only to Disney World, I guess.  Why?  Because when you come home from a long day at work, from being out and about in this chaotic world, you should not be greeted by more chaos.  You should be greeted by a home that reflects your personality.  Your home should be a sanctuary – the one place where you can rest and escape the drama, heartaches and stress of this world.  That’s why today I am going to show you how (and why) I took my wood buffet/server and transformed into a mint beauty in this DIY Buffet Makeover! I…

  • Guide My Design | Abstract Art Options
    Guide My Design

    Guide My Design Week 6 | Abstract Art

    This week we are going to finish out our selections for my living room project!  I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I am to be nearing the end of rehabbing this space.  If you’ve ever updated a room in your home or taken on a renovation project you know the stress and hard work it takes!  But I definitely am starting to see the end result come together.  I know that my family is going to enjoy many cookouts, game nights with friends, and quiet evenings enjoying this space! Before we get to voting, I have some exciting updates to share: My buffet is finished and I am…

  • Overcoming Negative Labels and Self-Criticism so you stop feeling like a bad person

    When You Feel Like a Bad Person

    Labels are everywhere in our lives nowadays.  We have labels on our clothes, labels on our furniture, even labels on our food.  They are there to inform, instruct or identify us.  We read labels to gain understanding.  We write labels to protect ourselves.  And we wear labels as status symbols to garner acceptance and praise from others.  Labels are everywhere in our lives nowadays. But besides the labels we are wearing and reading, there are labels we are also creating everyday.  Labels that we use to identify ourselves.  Labels that we allow circumstances or our feelings to create for us.  The labels of “not good enough”, “not rich enough”, “not…

  • Front Porch Makeover: Before and After
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    Before and After: Front Porch Makeover

    Ever since I moved into the 90s Catmom Chic home, I’ve been trying to prioritize what spaces to work on first – as there are SO MANY to do!  My front porch was brushed aside for some time during the Winter months, but as Summer crept around the corner  I started itching to do a front porch makeover.   BEFORE   This space felt blah, beige, and boring to me.  And I was content to leave it that way for a while since I didn’t see it throughout the day.  But since both my husband and I enter and exit through the front door instead of the garage, the front…

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    Guide My Design Week 5 | Ottoman Poufs

    It’s very easy to get caught up on the approval train – especially in the visual arts and design world.  Approval from clients means money.  Approval from friends means referrals.  Approval from the world means success.  But my intention for decorating my home or allowing others to guide my design has never been for approval.  When I decorate, when I give advice, when I work with clients, the goal is help them achieve a home that helps them thrive.  It’s not about accomplishing a trend or doing what will look good and impress others.  Its about creating an environment that meets your needs, your family’s needs, and your guest’s needs.…