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    Home In Progress: The 90s Catmom Chic House

    As an Interior Designer and a woman, I was excited to move into my first home with my husband after we got married.  Having spent the last decade in rented apartments, I was ready to have a space that was my own, a space that I could put my design fingerprint on. Problem was, the home I moved into wasn’t a blank slate.  It was my husband’s childhood home and we were renting it from his parents. After a few months of living in the home, I dubbed the house “90s catmom chic” after a friend came to visit and told me my home was vintage 90s chic.  (Sidebar: I…

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    Before and After: Hall Entry Makeover

    It’s in my nature to create.  My Father was a creator.  He created beauty all around me and I just can’t help but mimic Him and surround myself with beauty too.  So for my latest home project, I decided to update my hall entry design. The challenge here was that I had to spend a lot of time uncovering the beauty that was somewhere waiting to be found.  Unlike most of my design projects, this entry wasn’t a blank slate.  It had two layers of 30-year-old wallpaper marring its walls.   Originally, I had intended to leave the wallpaper.  I thought after moving in that I could just cover up…

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    How a Home Office Makeover Brought Me Joy

    If you’re like me, DIY is not your thing.  I may be a Designer, but that doesn’t make me a Pro when it comes to the implementation.  I can specify tile, but installing it is another thing.  I can put together furniture styles, but building it or re-upholstering it is a whole different realm.  So needless to say, I was excited to put together my home office design on paper.  But I was a little timid when it came time to implement and install the design. It’s funny because this is something I ask my clients to do on a daily basis.  With E-Design, my clients take the plans, design…