• Living Room Before and After
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    Guide My Design: Living Room Reveal

    It feels like Guide My Design just started and now it’s over.  I have so missed sharing my selections and getting everyone’s feedback as we have designed my space together! That being said, though, I am SO happy to be “done” (at least for now) with my Living Room Design.  I’m the type of person who needs everything in place and put away.  Having ladders, paint cans, disassembled furniture, art projects, and boxes of clutter everywhere in my house just stresses me out!  So it’s nice to have everything put away even if it’s not perfect. I still have a few tweaks to make to the room and a couple…

  • DIY Reupholster Dining Room Chair
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    How to Reupholster a Dining Room Chair

    Let’s be honest – upholstery scares me.  I mean, I love the idea of finding a quality piece and updating it with some new fabric.  (We in the design biz call this “vintage upholstery”!)  With so many cheap, cardboard furniture pieces being manufactured and sold online today, it’s difficult to know for sure if what looks good on a website will really last through the years for your family.  That’s why I love to find a quality made piece at a thrift store or even purchase it off a neighbor.  You can tell right away that a piece is quality when its made from real wood, has dovetail joints, or…

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    Before and After: Modern DIY Buffet Makeover

    Your home should be the happiest place on earth – second only to Disney World, I guess.  Why?  Because when you come home from a long day at work, from being out and about in this chaotic world, you should not be greeted by more chaos.  You should be greeted by a home that reflects your personality.  Your home should be a sanctuary – the one place where you can rest and escape the drama, heartaches and stress of this world.  That’s why today I am going to show you how (and why) I took my wood buffet/server and transformed into a mint beauty in this DIY Buffet Makeover! I…

  • Front Porch Makeover: Before and After
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    Before and After: Front Porch Makeover

    Ever since I moved into the 90s Catmom Chic home, I’ve been trying to prioritize what spaces to work on first – as there are SO MANY to do!  My front porch was brushed aside for some time during the Winter months, but as Summer crept around the corner  I started itching to do a front porch makeover.   BEFORE   This space felt blah, beige, and boring to me.  And I was content to leave it that way for a while since I didn’t see it throughout the day.  But since both my husband and I enter and exit through the front door instead of the garage, the front…

  • Home Tour | DIY Home Renovation
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    Home In Progress: The 90s Catmom Chic House

    As an Interior Designer and a woman, I was excited to move into my first home with my husband after we got married.  Having spent the last decade in rented apartments, I was ready to have a space that was my own, a space that I could put my design fingerprint on. Problem was, the home I moved into wasn’t a blank slate.  It was my husband’s childhood home and we were renting it from his parents. After a few months of living in the home, I dubbed the house “90s catmom chic” after a friend came to visit and told me my home was vintage 90s chic.  (Sidebar: I…

  • Hall Entry Makeover | Front Entry Design Inspiration
    Before & After's

    Before and After: Hall Entry Makeover

    It’s in my nature to create.  My Father was a creator.  He created beauty all around me and I just can’t help but mimic Him and surround myself with beauty too.  So for my latest home project, I decided to update my hall entry design. The challenge here was that I had to spend a lot of time uncovering the beauty that was somewhere waiting to be found.  Unlike most of my design projects, this entry wasn’t a blank slate.  It had two layers of 30-year-old wallpaper marring its walls.   Originally, I had intended to leave the wallpaper.  I thought after moving in that I could just cover up…

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    How a Home Office Makeover Brought Me Joy

    If you’re like me, DIY is not your thing.  I may be a Designer, but that doesn’t make me a Pro when it comes to the implementation.  I can specify tile, but installing it is another thing.  I can put together furniture styles, but building it or re-upholstering it is a whole different realm.  So needless to say, I was excited to put together my home office design on paper.  But I was a little timid when it came time to implement and install the design. It’s funny because this is something I ask my clients to do on a daily basis.  With E-Design, my clients take the plans, design…