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    Top Mistakes People Make When Renovating

    Renovating a house can be a difficult and intimidating process.  Your mind and your pinterest boards may be flooded with ideas for your new home design, but where do you even start with the home renovation process?  Should you get a contractor first?  Do you need to move out or can you live there while renovating?  How much is this going to cost and what should you know before getting started?!  Today for Inside Design, I interviewed Christine Craig of Designology Studio who’s sharing with us her best home renovation tips. Christine practically grew up on job sites since her grandfather owned a stone mason company and her Uncle &…

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    Scandinavian Style Guide: How to Get the Look in Your Home

    Scandinavian Interiors seem to have taken over Pinterest and popular Interior Design blogs lately.  The simplicity and tranquility of the Scandinavian Interior Design Style seems to captivate just about everyone.  But what is it about this style that’s so attractive?  Maybe you’re considering this style for your home or next room makeover, but you’re unsure if its the right style for you or even how to accomplish it in your home.  Today for Inside Design, Jaana Berlingieri of Home Deko Studio shares with us her secrets for creating a more simple style both at home and in your life. Jaana was born and raised in Finland where she learned all…

  • How to Pick the Best Type of Flooring for your Home
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    How to Pick the Best Type of Flooring for Your Home

    When it comes to selecting the best type of flooring for your home, the amount of options available can leave you feeling like a deer in headlights.  You’re surrounded by different materials, panicked to make a decision, but confused as to which is the right one for each space.  Besides just the look and feel of each selection, you’re also trying to determine the cleanability and durability of each product.  Will this carpet hold up to kids and pets?  What type of tile should I use in my bathroom?  Is hardwood ok for a Kitchen?  Today, for Inside Design I interviewed Christy King of Christy King Interiors.  She has over…

  • Home Improvements for Aging in Place and Accessibility
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    Home Improvements for Accessibility and Aging In Place

    I recently had a family member suffer a terrible fall.  They ended up with a broken arm and a broken leg.  Suddenly, we were re-organizing our lives because now we had a family member in a wheelchair who needed almost full-time care.  It’s something we all hope will never happen but it’s something that we all will face in one way or another.  Whether or not you have a loved one who’s disabled, we all will face illness, suffering, and old age at some point.  It’s important that when those times pop up, our homes are able to meet our needs.  What would you do if you had to have…

  • Pinterest-Perfect Home
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    Can Pinterest Really Help you get the Perfect Home?

    Ok, raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten sucked into the Pinterest vortex and spent hours pinning “new home ideas” or “fashion trends” or a bajillion recipes and desserts on Pinterest!  Guilty. I use Pinterest for both my personal life and for work.  It’s my go-to for inspiration for projects, recipes for dinner, and fashion ideas for each season of the year.  It’s a really great visual platform to help you set goals, dream for the future, and solve everyday problems.  I even use it to create my project and home design boards!  For the average DIY-er, I’d say that Pinterest and Youtube are the top sites to visit for…

  • Getting your House Ready To Sell | Home Staging Secrets
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    5 Home Staging Secrets to Help your Home Sell

    Most people have a misguided perception of home staging.  They think its just for those sad, desperate homes left behind due to a divorce or financial trouble.  But former Real Estate Agent and now Home Stager and Home Staging Coach, Marianne Cherico would disagree.  She says that when it comes to staging your home for sale, it’s really all about marketing and packaging your home to get the best return on your investment.  For today’s Inside Design, I spoke with Marianne Cherico, who’s been in real estate sales and marketing as well as home staging for the past few decades.  She walked me through some of her top tips for…