• The One Question You Need to ask Yourself to Have a Happy Home
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    The One Question You Need to Ask to Have a Happy Home

    If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your home has a problem – it’s depressed.  It’s sad and gloomy, maybe it’s a little beaten up and run down.  Or maybe it looks good on the outside, but it doesn’t feel right on your inside.  You want to have a happy home.  But to do that you have to ask yourself one very important question:  “How do you want your home to feel?”   It’s a simple question and one that most designers will ask when they start a project.  Why?  Because we know that there is more to home than just how it looks.  We know there is an intimate connection between…

  • How To Fix Paint Bleed on Stripes | Tape Bleed | DIY Painted Stripe Wall
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    How to Fix Paint Bleed to get a Perfect Striped Wall

    Maybe it’s just me, but DIY-ing your home into a thing of beauty is tough work.  Everyone online makes it look like so much fun.  And don’t get me wrong, it is!  But it’s also a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – especially when you paint stripes on your wall and end up with tape bleed.  (Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to fix paint bleed on stripes!)  Maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist.  Maybe I put too much of my personal identity in my home and the way it looks.  Maybe I just rush into things too fast with grand expectations.  Whatever the case,…

  • Gallery Wall DIY | How To Gallery Wall | Hang Gallery Wall
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    How to Layout the Perfect Gallery Wall

    Laying out a gallery wall of pictures, decor, or art can be a daunting task.  With so many styles, layouts, and sizes, how do you find what works best for your space?  How do you even begin to decide what goes where?  How do you decide on a layout without having 24+ additional hands???  It’s actually easier than you think to layout and hang a gallery wall of your favorite art and decor.  In fact, I did it by myself in just a few hours!  And today, I am going to show you how to layout the perfect gallery wall.     How To Layout the Perfect Gallery Wall  …

  • Home Tour | DIY Home Renovation
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    Home In Progress: The 90s Catmom Chic House

    As an Interior Designer and a woman, I was excited to move into my first home with my husband after we got married.  Having spent the last decade in rented apartments, I was ready to have a space that was my own, a space that I could put my design fingerprint on. Problem was, the home I moved into wasn’t a blank slate.  It was my husband’s childhood home and we were renting it from his parents. After a few months of living in the home, I dubbed the house “90s catmom chic” after a friend came to visit and told me my home was vintage 90s chic.  (Sidebar: I…

  • Painted Stripe Entryway Wall
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    How to Paint Perfect Stripes on Your Wall

    My 90s-cat-mom-chic house is both my torture chamber and my playground.  As a Designer, new wife, and woman, I’m caught between wanting everything in my home to be instantly beautiful and living with the embarrassment of a home with wallpaper and carpet in the bathroom.  Although I felt trapped and helpless to change anything when I first moved in with my husband, I quickly realized I had the ability and right to update my home.  Which is exactly what I did when I painted a striped focal wall in my entry! Now, the 90s-cat-mom-chic house is a great playground for me as a Designer.  As my husband says, “this is…

  • Hall Entry Makeover | Front Entry Design Inspiration
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    Before and After: Hall Entry Makeover

    It’s in my nature to create.  My Father was a creator.  He created beauty all around me and I just can’t help but mimic Him and surround myself with beauty too.  So for my latest home project, I decided to update my hall entry design. The challenge here was that I had to spend a lot of time uncovering the beauty that was somewhere waiting to be found.  Unlike most of my design projects, this entry wasn’t a blank slate.  It had two layers of 30-year-old wallpaper marring its walls.   Originally, I had intended to leave the wallpaper.  I thought after moving in that I could just cover up…

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    How a Home Office Makeover Brought Me Joy

    If you’re like me, DIY is not your thing.  I may be a Designer, but that doesn’t make me a Pro when it comes to the implementation.  I can specify tile, but installing it is another thing.  I can put together furniture styles, but building it or re-upholstering it is a whole different realm.  So needless to say, I was excited to put together my home office design on paper.  But I was a little timid when it came time to implement and install the design. It’s funny because this is something I ask my clients to do on a daily basis.  With E-Design, my clients take the plans, design…