• 10 Ways to Help you Manage Your Depression | Managing Depression and Anxiety

    10 Things to Help you Manage your Depression

    When you’re having a bad day with depression or stuck in a bout of despair and do-nothingism, it’s difficult to have the mental clarity or energy to help yourself.  I was recently reminded of this yesterday when I let one unexpected event take me from tears to despondency.  In those moments of complete sadness, when you’re feeling defeated – that is not the time to fight your depression.  That is not a time you really want to fight your depression.  At least for me, I tend to wallow in my misery and let my mood spiral down into a sense of hopelessness.  I’ve realized that because this is the way…

  • Overcoming Negative Labels and Self-Criticism so you stop feeling like a bad person

    When You Feel Like a Bad Person

    Labels are everywhere in our lives nowadays.  We have labels on our clothes, labels on our furniture, even labels on our food.  They are there to inform, instruct or identify us.  We read labels to gain understanding.  We write labels to protect ourselves.  And we wear labels as status symbols to garner acceptance and praise from others.  Labels are everywhere in our lives nowadays. But besides the labels we are wearing and reading, there are labels we are also creating everyday.  Labels that we use to identify ourselves.  Labels that we allow circumstances or our feelings to create for us.  The labels of “not good enough”, “not rich enough”, “not…

  • God and Faith | Vulnerability and Pain | Depression and Relationships

    Why It’s OK to Not Be OK

    For a long time in my mid-20s, I had that highschool-esque mentality where I thought I had to be like everyone else.  I had to “keep up with the jones-es” or “be like the popular kids”.  I had to have it all together on the inside and look put together on the outside.  Truth is, it was exhausting.  I spent my mornings testing out Instagram filters, my days working hard to earn enough money, my nights spending that money so I could look, act, and be like everyone else. While I was working so hard to look perfect on the outside, I was unraveling on the inside.  I was exhausted,…

  • Self-Care

    The Numbers on the Scale Don’t Define your Value

    You’re doing it again – letting the numbers on the scale define you, define your self-worth.  How many times are you going to let a few extra cookies, a pair of tight pants, or some excess jiggle in your thighs tell you that you’re not enough? You have to stop. Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and loathing your body. Stop measuring your self-worth by stepping on the scale. Stop metering what you can or cannot eat, do, be so others will like you.     Your value is not determined by what you weigh or what you eat or what you look like.  Your value was determined a…

  • How To Stop Feeling Anxious | Anxiety and Depression | Anxiety Relief

    7 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Anxious

    Your heart is pounding.  Your mind is racing.  A weight rests on your chest making it difficult to breathe.  You’re too restless to sit but you don’t have the energy to stand.  You wish you could just calm down, but you don’t know how.  You don’t know what caused this anxious feeling.  And you don’t know how to get rid of it. If there was a switch you could just turn off, you would.  If there was something you could avoid or something you could do to keep yourself from feeling this way, you would do it.  You’re going through all the day’s moments.  Did I take my medicine?  Yes…maybe…?  Did…

  • Working from Home Helps Manage Depression

    How Working from Home Helps me Manage My Depression

    Depression is a debilitating disease.  There are days it paralyzes me, moments it takes my breath away, and weeks it causes me nothing but pain and sadness.  Yet, I refuse to let my depression win.  I seek to arm myself with every tool available to fight it – whether that’s how I exercise, eat, decorate my home, or even how I work.     I’ve learned a lot about myself and the way I like to work over the past few years.  You see, when I first started my career as an Interior Designer, I worked in a very formal environment at an architecture firm.  This was before casual Friday…