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    3 Things You Need to Realize About Transformation

    When Spring and Summer finally arrive after a long, harsh winter, I am all about being outdoors.  There’s just something about being out in the sunshine and nature that soothes my soul.   Since early Spring I’ve been planting flowers.  No, that makes it sound too easy.  I’ve been raking dead leaves, pulling out weeds, shoveling dirt and breaking my back so that I can plant beautiful flowers in my yard.  You see, transformation takes work, pain, and loss.  You have to dig out the weeds and make space for new life.  Its the same in our hearts as it is in a garden – when we allow for suffering and…

  • Front Porch Design | Front Porch Makeover Before

    DIY Ombre Finish with Spray Paint | Front Porch Design Week 2

    I’ve been hunting for a table for my small-ish front porch for a while now.  I wanted something that I could DIY into the likes of this, but stumbled upon a $20 marble-top side table at Hobby Lobby that was the perfect size.  I couldn’t pass up such a steal!  The only problem was – it was coated in glitter. My husband hates glitter…I mean HATES it.  He avoids it like the plague. He doesn’t like when I wear glitter make-up…because it gets on him. He doesn’t like when I wear glittery clothes…because it gets on him. He doesn’t like anything with glitter…because it gets on him and it NEVER comes…

  • Modern Guest Bedroom Design | Guest Room Design on a Budget | Amazon Prime Guest Bedroom Furniture

    How to Design a Modern Guest Bedroom on a Budget

    Guest bedrooms tend to be an afterthought…until you realize about a week before company arrives that you need to make a habitable place for them to stay!  Suddenly, you realize that all those projects you’ve been putting off – the junk piling in the corner, the furniture that needs to go to goodwill, and the walls that need to be painted – all have to get done in a VERY SHORT amount of time.  And while you may need to clean out and clean up your guest bedroom…you also have to order some furniture that’s comfortable, stylish, and won’t break the bank!  Suprisingly, Amazon is a great solution.  You can…