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DIY Ombre Finish with Spray Paint | Front Porch Design Week 2

I’ve been hunting for a table for my small-ish front porch for a while now.  I wanted something that I could DIY into the likes of this, but stumbled upon a $20 marble-top side table at Hobby Lobby that was the perfect size.  I couldn’t pass up such a steal!  The only problem was – it was coated in glitter.

My husband hates glitter…I mean HATES it.  He avoids it like the plague.

He doesn’t like when I wear glitter make-up…because it gets on him.

He doesn’t like when I wear glittery clothes…because it gets on him.

He doesn’t like anything with glitter…because it gets on him and it NEVER comes off.

I get the aversion to glitter.  He’s a man.  He doesn’t want to be caught with glitter on his hands or face.  But I’m not about to completely eliminate all things glitter from my home, wardrobe or life.  Still, there’s a point where too much is just too much.  And this table had WAY too much glitter!


DIY Ombre Finish with Spray Paint | Side Table Before


So, I knew it had to be sanded down and refinished.  I had been wanting to do an ombre finish on a piece of furniture for a while and decided this was the right piece to test it out on!  The only problem was learning how to do an ombre finish with spray paint rather than with latex paint and a brush.

If you’re not sure what Ombre exactly is, it simply means having colors or tones that fade into each other. It is used most often in fabrics that graduate from light to dark.  So I took the leftover black gloss spray paint I had from my Rocking Chair Makeover and the leftover gold spray paint I had from my Front Entryway Makeover and I decided to do an ombre finish on the legs.

Check out my Ombre Inspiration Pics below:

Ombre Inspiration


Ombre Inspiration


Ombre Inspiration


How to do an Ombre Finish with Spray Paint


Tape off your piece into sections

Divide your piece into the number of sections you want.  Consider how many colors you want to use and whether you want even sections or some smaller than others.  Use painter’s tape or similar to tape off the area where your colors will meet to blend together.


DIY Ombre Finish with Spray Paint


Start with the darkest color first

Spray paint the section with your darkest color first.  Be careful not to let the paint get onto other areas of the piece.

Fully coat each section with your color of choice before removing any of the tape

Spray paint each section in your color of choice.

Remove the tape between the sections with your two darkest colors

Remove the taped off area between your two darkest colors.  Don’t remove all your painter’s tape at once.  Just peel off the area you are going to work on next.


DIY Ombre Finish with Spray Paint


Blend your two colors

I started with my lighter color (navy blue) and spray painted up to meet the black.  I let it dry for a minute and then did a light layer of black over the navy blue.  This gave the colors a feathery look and helped them blend together.

Repeat the steps above with your other sections

Continue removing your tape and blending your colors until your piece is completely finished.  Allow to dry.


DIY Ombre Finish with Spray Paint | Front Porch Makeover


DIY Ombre Finish with Spray Paint | Front Porch Makeover


The cool thing about doing an ombre finish with spray paint is that you can keep adjusting and messing with your paint colors and piece until you are satisfied with the look.  Just make sure to allow adequate drying time between each coat of paint.  Enjoy!


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