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Guide My Design: Living Room Reveal

It feels like Guide My Design just started and now it’s over.  I have so missed sharing my selections and getting everyone’s feedback as we have designed my space together!

That being said, though, I am SO happy to be “done” (at least for now) with my Living Room Design.  I’m the type of person who needs everything in place and put away.  Having ladders, paint cans, disassembled furniture, art projects, and boxes of clutter everywhere in my house just stresses me out!  So it’s nice to have everything put away even if it’s not perfect.

I still have a few tweaks to make to the room and a couple DIY projects to add but we have come such a long way from where we started.


Let’s take a peek and remember what my living room looked like before:


Wow, I cannot even believe it was this way just a few short weeks ago!

The truth is, my husband and I barely used this room before.  The harsh ceiling light and yellow walls were so uncomfortable for me that I usually just walked around the space.  We’d play games at the dining table or try to entertain from time to time but it was never my favorite space.  Now, my husband says that this room feels so much better – which is the best compliment I can get as a Designer, not that something looks good but that it feels good.  As homebodies, I can see us spending a lot more time in this room now!

Here’s a few snapshots of what our living room looks like now:


Let’s break down what I did…

Storage – We got rid of the large, wood china cabinet that was housing my husband’s (ahem) collectibles.  The china cabinet was way too heavy for the room and it didn’t meet our needs.  The drawers didn’t have enough space to hold our games and books.  So I purchased some Ikea shelves with glass doors to give us some better storage space.  We love that we can fit all our games as well as see them.



I’m very proud of my husband because he created all the vignettes on the shelves himself – especially since I have no idea what Star Wars toy goes with what.  I love the display because it fits me and my husband AND it keeps everything organized and put away!  My husband also let my nephews create their own lego characters and add them to the shelves.

















Fireplace – For our mantel, I mostly decluttered all the stuff I had up there.  I wanted a cleaner look and more color to contrast off the brick.  My husband and I had a date night to create some of the artwork on our mantel now.   I love that the art is personal to us and something we got to spend time together creating.



Seating Area – The seating area for the living room got an update with two new chairs.  I love that they have lower backs than the wingback chairs we had previously.  The room feels more open now.  The coffee table is a piece my husband inherited from his grandparents.  So it really feels like a family room to us because we mixed our inherited pieces with some new modern ones!



The Ottomans – The ottomans are still being shipped!  I had to cancel the original order as the seller couldn’t give me a delivery date.  I found something I liked better – that I think the cats will enjoy too!  Originally, I was going to make the corner a cat corner with the ottomans, but we added a small desk in the corner for now.



The Piano – I was so blessed to get this piano from my parents.  My siblings and I all grew up learning how to play and now we each have a piano in our homes.  For years, as I lived in apartments, I wasn’t able to play but now I’m so thankful to be able to play again.



The Buffet – Its hard for me to pick a favorite part of the room, but if I had to…I’d definitely say the buffet!  It definitely turned out so much better than I could have imagined and I love, love, love the pop of color.



The Dining Table and Chairs – A lot didn’t change here except I reupholstered the dining room chairs.  The new fabric definitely gives the table the wow factor it needs!

The coral pillows I wanted had a “no delivery date in sight” problem.  I searched high and low through my usually decor stops – TJ Maxx, Target, Home Goods –  but could only find either pink or orange throw pillows.  So, I’ll be adding those on a later date.

The walls need a lot more art.  And I have plans for several DIY art projects – including a disassembled piano that someone gave us.  I’m hoping to reassemble the keyboard and frame it!

So not perfect.  Definitely still a work in progress.  And it certainly won’t stay this pretty and clean.  But all-in-all, we love our new living room space!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me design this space by voting with Guide My Design!  If you missed any of the weeks, you can catch up at the links here:

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Tell me, what’s something about your home that just makes you feel good?


My coral, mint, navy living room design is finished! Come see the before and after of my living room makeover to get inspired -- >

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