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Guide My Design Week 2 | Living Room Chairs

Last week for guide my design, I asked you all to vote for a color palette for my living room makeover (see the before pictures here).  The results were so, so close.  In fact, it came down to only one vote between each option.  Here are the options I presented last week:


Guide My Design | Living Room Makeover Guide My Design | Living Room Makeover Guide My Design | Living Room Makeover























To be honest, I’m not sure which palette I was pulling for the most.  At the beginning of the week, Neutral Navy had a strong lead and I was ok with that because blue and neutral are my safety zone.  But in the last day of voting, both the navy/yellow and navy/mint/coral color palettes made a strong comeback!




And the winner is…Navy, Mint, and Coral!

Guide My Design | Living Room Makeover


I’m actually really excited (and a bit terrified) to implement this color palette into my living room!  I just started adding magenta in my Hall Entry as an accent color and I’m implementing some bright greens on my Front Porch Makeover right now.  So adding mint and coral is really going to push me out of my comfort zone.

As I start to plan and design using our color palette above, I need your help selecting some comfortable lounge chairs for my living room.  They’ll be two of these facing the fireplace and I’m going to keep the existing coffee table shown below.  It’s a real hero piece and has sentimental value to my husband.



Here are my options for Lounge Chairs:


Living Room Chair Options | Guide My Design


I’m thinking I’ll add a coral colored accent pillow to these…so just keep that in mind.


Here’s How to Vote:

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That’s all for this week…so get to it and #guidemydesign!


  • Melissa

    I’m in love with option #1. I love the classy feel of the chair and the options to leaves open for other design changes over time. I think coral would look wonderful as an accent pillow! And then depending upon that design you could even add a mint throw to the chair.

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