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Guide My Design Week 3 | DIY Buffet Update

There are times in life when I get crazy ideas…like, this is either going to be a major disaster or majorly awesome, type of ideas.  I usually run toward those ideas, full steam ahead when I really need someone to tell me to put on the brakes and slow down!  This is where you come in with our Week 3 voting for guide my design.

But first, the results from last week!

I think it will come as no surprise to anyone that our winner is Option 1!



While some of you did vote for Option 3, I think in the end the geometric pattern would have been too overwhelming.  Plus, I’m really digging the cozy vibe that Option 1 is giving off.  So I’m excited to put these on order and get them in my new living room!


Living Room Chair Options | Guide My Design


Speaking of my new living room, there is some major work going on right now!  We were able to offload the huge china cabinet (that was acting as a display case for my husband’s toys) on Facebook Marketplace.  We made a few bucks and didn’t have to move it – which was a huge plus!

Painting is about 50% done.  The paint color we chose was custom matched to the adjacent TV room – it’s a warm grey tone.  This wouldn’t have been the color I chose but since the house isn’t open floor plan, I thought the first floor should at least be tied together with color to make it flow better.   And the grey is definitely an improvement over the yellow!



But there is now some major debate going on about the trim.  My husband – who originally said to leave the trim as-is – has now decided it would look better white.  I originally had planned to paint it white, but now I’m thinking of leaving it as-is until the room is finished.  Then I’ll decide white or not.  If you think you’re voting this week on trim color, think again.  I’m going to take a “wait and see” approach before I cover that gorgeous wood trim!



Ok, so back to the beginning where I was talking about getting crazy ideas…yeah, this may be one of them!  It’s one of those that could potentially turn out amazing or it could be a major flop.  But I’ll never know until I try!  I am going to keep our existing sideboard/buffet in the dining room area of our combo living/dining room.  But I want to really make it pop!  So, I am going to paint it with mint chalk paint and add some patterned wallpaper to the insides.  Here’s my inspiration so you can see what I’m thinking:


From Love Grows Wild


Here’s what my existing sideboard/buffet looks like now:











I want to add a pop of color/pattern to the black part on the top as well as inside the drawers and cabinet.  The exterior will be mint with gold pulls.  Guide my design and tell me what pattern/color should be the “surprise pop” on the inside!


Option 1
Option 2
Option 3


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