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Guide My Design Week 5 | Ottoman Poufs

It’s very easy to get caught up on the approval train – especially in the visual arts and design world.  Approval from clients means money.  Approval from friends means referrals.  Approval from the world means success.  But my intention for decorating my home or allowing others to guide my design has never been for approval.  When I decorate, when I give advice, when I work with clients, the goal is help them achieve a home that helps them thrive.  It’s not about accomplishing a trend or doing what will look good and impress others.  Its about creating an environment that meets your needs, your family’s needs, and your guest’s needs.

Guide My Design helped meet a need this week.  One I wasn’t expecting.  I’ve got new furniture arriving next week so I’ve been trying to give away or sell some of our older pieces.  One such piece was an old recliner that the cats had had WAY too much fun scratching up!  I listed it for free on facebook marketplace thinking that no one would take it – the chair was outdated and the fabric was in poor condition.  Sure enough, though, a gentleman came to get it.  He was so incredibly thankful.  He had just gotten a new place and said that he didn’t have a chair to sit in.  He didn’t care what it looked like or the condition.  He was just thankful for a chair.

I was truly humbled.  How blessed it is to be blessed!  Just a reminder to be thankful for what you have!


The chair we gave away.


Before we get to voting this week, I thought I would give you an update on the mint buffet situation.  I was hoping to have the buffet finished to share with you but as happens I received the wrong product for the removable wallpaper to line the interior of the buffet.  Pretty sure this faux rock wall won’t go well with the mint!  I should have a replacement shortly.


But I did get started painting the buffet.  Truth be told, I got really nervous about the mint color as soon as I bought it.  And all my husband had to say was, “I trust you.”

But… I am in love with the color!  I think it is going to be a fabulous pop with the navy chairs that are coming.  Sorry for the poor images folks, but I am tired!  Between painting and projects, this girl’s got a lot going on!








I think it will come as no surprise (and I am so happy!) that last week’s upholstery winner for the dining room chair makeover is:

I have fabric swatches on the way just to check the colors and then I’ll be ordering and re-upholstering!

We only have a few more weeks left of design and decisions.  I’m hoping to wrap up and reveal my living room to you mid-July!  That being said, this week we are getting into decor and finishing touches!  So I’d love for you to vote for some cute ottoman poufs for my living room.

As I said above, my living room isn’t for your approval.  But it is a place for my family to thrive.  And that family happens to include two very cute cats who LOVE to claw things (cute cat images below, keep scrolling!).  So in an effort to keep them from clawing my new chairs and to add somewhere to prop up our feet, I am choosing poufs that are inexpensive that the cats will love to claw!  Yes, I could just get a scratching post, but A.) those are expensive and B.) our cats don’t use them.  They prefer the furniture.  So, all that said, here are this week’s options for ottoman poufs:


You can also still vote any of these ways too!

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Cute cat pictures as promised:

Tigger after a long day of doing absolutely nothing.
Wilykit claiming the piano as her own 5 minutes after it was moved in!

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