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Guide My Design Week 6 | Abstract Art

This week we are going to finish out our selections for my living room project!  I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I am to be nearing the end of rehabbing this space.  If you’ve ever updated a room in your home or taken on a renovation project you know the stress and hard work it takes!  But I definitely am starting to see the end result come together.  I know that my family is going to enjoy many cookouts, game nights with friends, and quiet evenings enjoying this space!

Before we get to voting, I have some exciting updates to share:

My buffet is finished and I am SO thrilled with how it turned out!  Come back on Friday to read all the details about how I made over this buffet into mint perfection.


DIY Buffet Makeover | Painted Mint Buffet | Lined Drawers


My new blue chairs arrived and I am in LOVE!  One is missing the hardware so its sadly sitting in the corner with no feet.  But that will soon be corrected!



We have storage again!  I ordered some Billy Bookcases from Ikea with glass doors.  I managed to put them together in under 2 hours sans doors…without letting the cats eat any of the small screws and dowels…without getting into an argument with my husband…and without shedding any tears!  Seriously, is there some kind of award for that?  I feel like there should be!



Fabric for my dining room chairs is on order.  Hopefully, I will have it this weekend and be able to re-upholster them quickly.  I’m hoping to have my Living Room Reveal for you in two weeks on July 18th!


The winner of our poufs from last week is:

Natural/White Pouf Ottoman



I cannot wait to order these as I have my blue chairs covered in plastic and the cats are already scratching at them!  I think these will be great for the cats to scratch up.


So for our last installment of voting, I need your help selecting some art for over the buffet.  Since I’m an artist, I’m going to try to create something myself (rather than pay $600 for an abstract art piece, yikes!)

I’ve recently been getting into Acrylic Art Pouring or flip cup pouring as you may know it.  If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a great, easy, fun way to create abstract art in your home.  I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks for doing this soon, but until then, you can find inspiration and how-to’s here.

So my options are 1.) Do an Acrylic Art Pour with coral, navy, and mint…it will have a similar “fluid” movement to what’s showing in Option 1.  2.) Recreate an abstract pointillism painting from Anthropologie.  Or 3.) Create a textured abstract art piece with navy, gold, and mint.

Vote for what you’d like to see below!  Remember, you aren’t necessarily looking at the colors of each piece, but rather the style/painting technique.  Option 1 and 3 I will recreate in our color palette of Mint, Coral, and Navy.  Option 2 will be black and white.



You can still vote any of these ways too!

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