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Home In Progress: The 90s Catmom Chic House

As an Interior Designer and a woman, I was excited to move into my first home with my husband after we got married.  Having spent the last decade in rented apartments, I was ready to have a space that was my own, a space that I could put my design fingerprint on.

Problem was, the home I moved into wasn’t a blank slate.  It was my husband’s childhood home and we were renting it from his parents.

After a few months of living in the home, I dubbed the house “90s catmom chic” after a friend came to visit and told me my home was vintage 90s chic.  (Sidebar: I don’t know when the 90s became vintage because, in my opinion, the 90s are still the present.)

If you haven’t guessed already, the home was last updated by a 90s mom who had two boys and two cats.  So there’s LOTS of wallpaper and cat decor.  I’m slowly, but surely removing all of it.  (Yes, I’m a catmom too, but I’m not really into cutesy cat decor.)

Being newly married and a young entrepreneur, I don’t have a lot of time or money just lying around to update my home.  Also, since we’re renting, most of the updates are just cosmetic.  But I’m working my way through redecorating my home one room at a time.  I am learning as I go and doing a lot of DIY projects to save money.

You can follow my progress here:

Hall Entry Makeover

Hall Entry Design | Painted Stripe Wall
Hall Entry After







Office Makeover

Home Office Design Before and After | Mid-Century Modern Home Office Design | Home Office Inspiration
Home Office After







Front Porch Makeover

Front Porch Makeover: Before and After
Front Porch After







Living Room Makeover – In Progress, check out Guide my Design!

Back Deck Makeover – Coming Soon!


Still on the To-Do List



Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom


…and maybe the basement, someday!


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