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How to Design a Modern Guest Bedroom on a Budget

Guest bedrooms tend to be an afterthought…until you realize about a week before company arrives that you need to make a habitable place for them to stay!  Suddenly, you realize that all those projects you’ve been putting off – the junk piling in the corner, the furniture that needs to go to goodwill, and the walls that need to be painted – all have to get done in a VERY SHORT amount of time.  And while you may need to clean out and clean up your guest bedroom…you also have to order some furniture that’s comfortable, stylish, and won’t break the bank!  Suprisingly, Amazon is a great solution.  You can find stylish furniture on the cheap AND get prime shipping to get it fast.  Who knew?!  Let’s look at all the basic items you’ll need to design a guest bedroom on a budget.


Designing a Modern Guest Bedroom on a Budget

The key to designing a guest bedroom on a budget – or any room on a budget – is knowing what you absolutely have to have and what you can do without.  Once you know what the essentials are for any room, you can put whatever funds you have towards those necessities.  Then, over time as you have more money to spend, you can add items you want or would like to have in the room.  Let’s look at the four categories of items your guest room needs:



The Essentials for a Guest Bedroom

Bare bones you need to have a bed, nightstand, reading lamp or ceiling light, comforter with sheets, and some blinds/draperies for privacy in your guest bedroom.  Try to envision yourself staying in the room and what you may need to make yourself feel more at home.  You definitely don’t want your guests to feel like they’ve been put up at a cheap motel or are camping out back in the woods.

A comfortable bed is key, but even an old lumpy mattress can feel more plush with some fresh pillows.  Give your guests lots of coziness by adding clean sheets, a new comforter, and layers of pillows to your bed.

Consider storage for your guests as well.  If you don’t have a dresser, you’ll want to add some nightstands that at least have a drawer or shelf.

Lighting is key to coziness too!  Your guests may want to stay up to read or look at a mobile device.  An overhead light can seem harsh and bright when they are trying to unwind prior to bedtime.  So try to add in some wall sconces or a table lamp to your room.


Modern Guest Bedroom Design | Guest Room Design on a Budget | Amazon Prime Guest Bedroom Furniture


The Desirables for a Guest Bedroom

Adding a lounge chair, dresser, some extra blankets, hangers in the closet, and basic toiletries can go a long way to making your guest bedroom feel like a home away from home for your friends and family.  While these items aren’t necessary for your guest to sleep in the space, they give an added touch of comfort.

Make sure there is some type of wardrobe or clothes storage for your guests in or near the bedroom.  A closet is ideal but you can always add a wardrobe or small dresser.  Adding some hangers and extra blankets to the closet or dresser lets guests know they are welcome to make themselves at home.

A corner lounge chair also invites guests to relax and enjoy their stay.  It gives them a private space – other than their bed – that they can utilize for reading, writing, or working.  Try to position a lounge chair by either a window or small bookshelf.  This will create a private reading nook just for your guests to be entertained with.

The Luxuries for a Guest Bedroom

If you want to give your guests a resort-type feeling, consider adding a desk space, TV, some books, and other “comforts of home” to your guest room.  Make sure you like having guests, though, because they may never want to leave!


Modern Guest Bedroom Design | Guest Room Design on a Budget | Amazon Prime Guest Bedroom Furniture


The Final Touches for a Guest Bedroom

To really go the extra mile for your guests, you can add fresh flowers, leave water bottles and snacks for your guest, and leave the WIFI passcode for them to easily access the internet.

Decorating your guest bedroom with flowers or a plant is a great budget-friendly way to really bring your room to life.  Flowers instantly add color and charm and a bouquet is usually a lot cheaper to get than a piece of furniture or decor.  Plants are also great because they uplift our mood by giving us something living to connect with.

Give your guest some privacy by providing easy access to water bottles and snacks right in their room.  They won’t have to wonder around in their bathrobe when all they want is a drink of water!

And the winning finishing touch for any guest bedroom – which this is almost an essential nowadays – the WIFI passcode!  Store it on a notepad on a bedside table or make it into a piece of art for the walls.  Whatever you do, just make it easy for your guests to hop on your WIFI.


Modern Guest Bedroom Design | Guest Room Design on a Budget | Amazon Prime Guest Bedroom Furniture


Headboard and Frame / Grey Morrocan Pillow Covers / Navy and Mint Arrow Pillow Covers /

Lumbar Pillow / White Duvet Cover / Grey Quilt / LampsWhite Nightstand /

Map Wall Art / White Dresser / Grey Chair / WIFI Sign


Everything you need for a modern guest bedroom on a budget can be easily acquired on Amazon and installed by you!  In fact, you can get all the items shown on my concept board above for ~$1000!  That’s pretty inexpensive in the design world.  So clean out your spare room, take inventory of what you have, and get to creating the perfect retreat for your company when they visit!

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