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Finally, the perfect balance between DIY decorating and Interior Design is here!  Get a custom Interior Design Style Board for your space at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional designer.  Check out our Designer Look Service now!


A Designer Look gives you a stunning custom Interior Design style board that you can use as a guide to style and decorate your room.

  • The Perfect Balance – Getting a Designer Look is like working with a Designer except at a fraction of the cost.  If you don’t mind putting in a little leg work, you can get an amazing styled space on a budget!  Just use your custom Interior Design Style Board to shop for furniture, accents, and decor!
  • Essential Accents – Whether your room is empty, has a few pieces, or needs a complete makeover, we’ll design a sensational look based off your needs and style.
  • Fine Print – A Designer Look sets the stage for your new space.  You can see how a professional Interior Designer would style your space and use that as a guide to shop for furniture, decor, and accessories.  We do the overwhelming creative part – you do the fun shopping and decorating part!
  • Right Every Time – Because our looks are based off your personal survey answers, we guarantee a right look every time.  If we don’t hit the mark, we’ll be happy to re-do it for you!

It’s easy to get a breathtaking Designer Look for your Space:

  • Take our Design Survey
  • Check your inbox in 1-2 business days for your Designer Look
  • Use your Designer Look to shop, furnish, and style your space!


No eye for decorating?

Need help with a creative vision for a problem area in your home?

Looking for high style on a budget?

Needing to mesh your style with your partner’s taste?

A Designer Look is the perfect tool to help you get a luxury space at an affordable rate.



Each Designer Look is a custom Interior Design style board which includes:

  • Recommended Color Palette to help you choose paint, art, and accessories for your space
  • Inspiration Images to help you envision what your space will look like
  • Recommended Furniture Styles to help you shop for pieces that will fit your space
  • Art, Decor, Accessories (based on your design survey) that will help you style your room



  • You get a Designer Look you can create in your space at a fraction of the cost of traditional design
  • You can shop for furniture that meets your financial and functional needs
  • You can take your time shopping and styling your space!  No meetings with a Designer that take up your time and money
  • We’re here to help!  Need help sourcing items or completing your look?  Just reach out at any time for information about our shopping and design services.



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