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Scandinavian Style Guide: How to Get the Look in Your Home

Scandinavian Interiors seem to have taken over Pinterest and popular Interior Design blogs lately.  The simplicity and tranquility of the Scandinavian Interior Design Style seems to captivate just about everyone.  But what is it about this style that’s so attractive?  Maybe you’re considering this style for your home or next room makeover, but you’re unsure if its the right style for you or even how to accomplish it in your home.  Today for Inside Design, Jaana Berlingieri of Home Deko Studio shares with us her secrets for creating a more simple style both at home and in your life.

Jaana was born and raised in Finland where she learned all about Scandinavian design – many of her relatives manufactured furniture and her father owned a small furniture shop in the countryside where they lived.  Even though Jaana studied photography in school, it seemed she was destined to find her way back to her roots in design and furniture. She moved to New York 25 years ago, 10 years later Jaana and her husband bought their first home and started fixing up their charming 1920s Center Colonial home in a historic small village, Sayville is filled with tree-lined avenues and old charming homes bordering the Great South Bay of Long Island. Since then, she’s been working in Interior Design to help others achieve a simple way of life at home.  Jaana shares with us today her approach to Scandinavian Interior Design and what you can do to accomplish it in your home as well!


Photo Credit: Home Deko Studio

How to Get the Scandinavian Interior Design Style in your Home:


Start by Decluttering

“Scandinavian Design is a way of life”, Jaana says, adding that the key with any Interior Design is to simplify your entire life.  With most of her client’s spaces, she just starts by decluttering and helping them let go of things they don’t really need.  Our lives are so crazy busy that Jaana points out our homes shouldn’t be that way too.  In fact, she believes your home should be your sanctuary – a place without distraction away from the stresses of the world.

You see, when it comes to Scandinavian Interior Design, less really is more.  Visually, the space around you should be relaxing.  Think about how many things are competing for our attention daily – family, work, media, etc.  Your home shouldn’t be the same way – full of clutter and decor that just take away from your ability to enjoy your home.  Don’t think of your home as a museum to fill up with beautiful things.  Think of your home as a sanctuary where the things around you help you to relax.


Let the Outdoors In

There is nothing like the beauty and serenity found in nature – sunlight pouring in through the trees,  the rushing of the wind as it blows by, or the song of a bird first thing in the morning.  A key element to Scandinavian Interior Design is opening up your space to the outdoors as well as bringing in natural elements.  You want to think about opening your windows so air and sunlight can flood your space.  Use light, bright or sheer window treatments so the view to the outside isn’t diminished.  Use lots of natural materials like wood and make sure to bring in cozy textures to make the space soft and inviting.


Photo Credit: Home Deko Studio

Add Modern Elements

Scandinavian Interior Design is known for its light, airy feeling.  That means finding furniture with minimal ornamentation and simple, clean lines.  To keep the room from getting too sterile feeling, Jaana suggests finding modern pieces in neutral tones or fabrics.  You can include iconic pieces like the egg chair or tulip chair to make a statement.  But don’t go too heavy into just one style.  When you do that, it can quickly become too much.  Jaana suggests incorporating a vintage piece or a furniture piece from a different Interior Design Style to help balance things out.  That one different piece usually helps to add depth and character to your space.


Use a Neutral Backdrop

Traditionally, Scandinavian Interior Design has lots of white, monochromatic, or neutral colors.  So how can you easily incorporate color into this natural, neutral style?  Jaana recommends to create a neutral backdrop with your walls and furniture.  Think of these like your canvas off which all the other colors, patterns, and textures in your space will play.  When you have that neutral base, its easy to bring in a pop of color in decor or a fresh pattern in accessories.


Photo Credit: Home Deko Studio

You don’t have to be thinking, “I want a Scandinavian style space!” to achieve one in your home.  The style is really about having a clean, simple, warm environment to help you and your guests relax.  If that’s your goal when designing or renovating your space, think about the colors, textures, and furniture styles that will help you get that feeling, not just what looks “right”.  That’s what Scandinavian Style is all about – helping you get a simple, relaxing feeling in your home rather than an Interior that just looks good.


Jaana Berlingieri Interior Designer


Jaana Berlingieri is an interior designer and graduate of SUNY FIT, New York. She grew up in Finland where she learned all about Scandinavian design. Jaana has a love of nature and believes that simplicity in design are the most important elements of creating stylish homes. As a creative interior designer with a background in photography, Jaana truly understands the importance of playing with light, which can be seen in her serene and yet radiant design concepts. Jaana has been in the industry for 10 years, with an exclusive focus on residential interior design. Home Deko – Interior Design Studio offers services to Long Island and Fire Island.




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