The One Question You Need to ask Yourself to Have a Happy Home
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The One Question You Need to Ask to Have a Happy Home

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your home has a problem – it’s depressed.  It’s sad and gloomy, maybe it’s a little beaten up and run down.  Or maybe it looks good on the outside, but it doesn’t feel right on your inside.  You want to have a happy home.  But to do that you have to ask yourself one very important question:  “How do you want your home to feel?”  

It’s a simple question and one that most designers will ask when they start a project.  Why?  Because we know that there is more to home than just how it looks.  We know there is an intimate connection between the heart and the home.

Think about it this way – what is the one word you want your guests to think when they walk into your home?  Is it wow, welcome, loved, home, happy, cheery…?  That one word signals what you really want in your heart – approval, friendship, love, bonding, happiness, amusement…the list goes on.  When we identify what we really want, we can design homes that meet that need.  We can design homes that make us happy on the inside.


The One Questions You Need to ask Yourself to Have a Happy Home


Where do I start?

Start by asking yourself this question: “What do I want my home to feel like?”

If you have others living in the home with you, ask each one of them what it would take for them to have a happy home.  Make a list of their responses and look for common keywords or feelings.  Use the guides below to help design/decorate your home accordingly.  You’ll have a happy home in no time!


I want my Home to Feel…

If you’re a homebody (like me), home should be your happy place.  You want it to be filled with experiences rather than just things.  There should be as many laughter and smiles as there is art and decor.  To get your home feeling this way, surround yourself with mementos from happy times.  This can be a gallery wall from your travels or maybe a candle that evokes a scent and memory from your childhood.  Try to also incorporate activities into your home that you imagine “happy” people would do at their home.  For instance, you can host a monthly game night, have a sit-down dinner once a week, or decorate your home for each Holiday during the year!


If you’re more creative and carefree, your home may be an extension of your inner personality.  Don’t be afraid of what other people think.  Instead, let your home set the example for finding beauty in imperfection.  Think of your home like a canvas painting – let the walls be the backdrop with soft or muted colors and let your furniture, art, and decor pop off the page against them.  Since you may want to change things up a lot, invest in secondhand pieces.  Search antique shops, flea markets, and thrift shops for unique decor that tells a story rather than advertises a particular brand or style.


The One Questions You Need to ask Yourself to Have a Happy Home



If you want your home to be others-centered, focus on creating a space that feels like home to you and your family.  Make sure you have lots of comfortable seating.  Focus on arranging furniture so it flows well for conversation and engagement rather than just what looks good.  Keep some snacks or fresh baked goods on hand for unexpected visitors.  It’s amazing what a warm cup of coffee and a fresh muffin can communicate to a weary soul!


Everyone wants a Pinterest Perfect home, but no one has one.  A well-loved home is a well-worn home.  If you want a more playful environment, loosen up decorating-wise.  Get away from generic, soulless decor and incorporate pieces into your home that are unique to you.  Do what you want rather than what the trends say to do.  Make sure to carve out some “play” time for you or your family too…get away from social media and try out a new or favorite hobby!


Most of us at some point accept that our homes are a work in progress.  They will never be perfect or quite finished.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy home.  Embrace the serendipity and be delighted by the happy accidents!  Get you DIY on and find beauty in the process of transformation.  Others will see your home as delightful or charming because they’ll see the blood, sweat, and tears you are putting into it to make it your own!


What about you?  What do you want your home to feel like?   Take the Quiz below and find out!



The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your home


Are you more concerned with the look of your home rather than the feeling it gives you and your family? Ask yourself this one question to get you on the right track to creating a happy home (not just one that looks good!)

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